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Everything discussed in family law court is part of the public record.  The mediation session is private and confidential. Mediation discussions have been held by Federal courts to be privileged and inadmissible in any adversarial administrative or court proceeding. If a settlement was not resolved during a mediation session, and the dispute was litigated in any administrative or judicial proceeding, neither the mediator nor their notes can be subpoenaed.

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Faster and Less Expensive

Traditional litigation can take months sometimes years due to court trials and hearings.  Those costs can add up quickly.  Mediation allows the parties to control the pace of the process, dramatically reducing time and costs.

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Fair and Equitable

Because both parties remain fully in control of the terms of the solution, settlements are mutually agreed upon and acceptable to all involved.  There are no 'winners" or "losers" in the mediation process.

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Reduce Future Conflict

People who use mediation to resolve conflict and create collaborative solutions are more satisfied with the results, and are more likely to adhere to the agreements.  This sets the course for more positive future interactions between the two parties.

Why Mediation

Mediation is a process that allows people to meet with a mutually selected, neutral third party to assist in negotiating jointly acceptable resolutions out of court. The mediator acts as a facilitator between opposing parties, assisting with defining issues and eliminating obstacles to communication. Mediation has several benefits:

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