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We’re proud to provide a collaborative problem solving process to assist with developing solutions that are fair and equitable. 

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

If you are looking for a way to settle your divorce out of court, divorce mediation is a good option for you. Newhart Mediation Services can assist you with reducing stress, resolving difficult issues, and maintaining control of the outcomes as you work through the process of dissolving your relationship in a space that is safe and non-adversarial.

Custody/Parental Agreements

Newhart Mediation Services can assist parents with resolving differences over child custody, parenting time, or support issues that are in the best interest of the child/ren.  When done collaboratively, solutions acquired through mediation avoid court imposed solutions that neither party may desire.

Preparing for Mediation

  1. Be sure the right parties are included in mediation. Appropriate decision-makers with the authority to settle must be present at the mediation. 

  2. Be sure you can attend mediation in a private manner, in a quiet space with no interruptions. Mediation is confidential, no other parties may attend or be present. 

  3. Come prepared to voice your ideas, concerns, and needs in a respectful manner. Each party at mediation will have a brief uninterrupted time to share. Prepare ahead of time, bring notes or points that you would like to discuss in mediation.

  4. Everyone should participate honestly and courteously.

  5. Each person should be willing to listen to understand, it is not necessary that you agree with the others' concerns but listen respectfully. 

  6. Participants should remain open to explain, clarify and/or share new ideas for resolution.

  7. Parties should know the costs, expenses and prospects realistically.

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