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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

No Lawyers Necessary

Most people are not aware that it is not necessary to hire a lawyer when filing for divorce.  People hire lawyers because it is the only process they are familiar with, however, there is an alternative!  Mediation allows couples to develop agreements that are fair, equitable, and fosters better post divorce relationships.

Is Mediation Right for You:

Before contacting a mediator, please be sure the following statements are true for you and your spouse:

  1. We have both accepted and agreed to get divorced.

  2. We are willing and able to work through our differences in order to work collaboratively towards a mutually agreed upon divorce agreement.

  3. We both agree that mediation is an appropriate option for our divorce.

What's Included

Mediation Services consist of the following:

  1. One (1) hour virtual sessions* that cover these major topics:

    • Custody/Parenting Plan

    • Child Support

    • Division of Assets

    • Alimony (if applicable)

    • Any additional concerns that are important to the parties

  2. thoroughly written divorce agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) that can be submitted to the court for approval.


*Please note that the number of sessions needed is determined by the complexity of the case

Pros and Cons of Mediation

Mediation has many benefits over traditional divorce proceedings:

  1. Agreements are reached faster, especially if you agree about the majority of issues.

  2. Mediation is more affordable and reduces time off work, court fees, and attorney fees.

  3. What happens in mediation, stays in mediation.  All settlement discussions are confidential.

  4. You and your spouse maintain full control over the terms of your divorce agreement.

  5. Mediation can help couples avoid adversarial court proceedings, which can foster more positive post divorce relationships.

  6. When you create your divorce agreement, you are more likely to stick to it, and are more willing to negotiate changes if necessary.

There are certain situations where mediation is not the best option:

  1. If there is a history of abuse in the relationship

  2. If one party typically exercises all of the power and control in the relationship and is usually the final decision maker

  3. If one or both people are not comfortable with sharing thoughts, wants, and needs

  4. If there are safety risks for one or both parties

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